Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 24, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes – August 24 – 30, 2015

from: The Kamloops Echo –

– by Sonny !

Dear Aries. We can’t always have the head and the heart on the same page and that makes things difficult enough but bigger problems arise when we can’t get the heart or head to agree with itself to begin with. There is an answer to this push/pull of emotions and intellect that scatters your energy. This week you’re entering a cycle of daily chores, good habits, and physical health. It doesn’t sound fun but it could be. Although your chores and to do list might come from someone else, you’re still the boss of your own emotions.

Dear Taurus

Home issues continue to cause fits but there’s a bigger picture lesson here. Yes, you could close your eyes, go on a vacation and hope things will be different when you return, but it’s a gamble I wouldn’t take. As you enter your creative and playful cycle take a lesson from the kids and just let go of the ego traps for a week or two. The outcome will surprise you so much as you get the kids ready for school that you’ll want to color the rest your day with a new and playful attitude.

Dear Gemini

Some weeks it seems as if all you do is talk talk talk, and you don’t really get anywhere. This week you will continue the networking and general running around but you’re going to have a new focus. Home and family are going to take centre stage in a big way. Thoughts of buying a home, moving, or redecorating your existing place will occupy most of your time for the next while. Look for ways to make money from you home. In a couple of weeks, it will happen.

Dear Cancer

You’ve come out of your shell recently and then had a close look at your personal money wheel in life. It’s now time to network, see what’s out there in the world, and generally expand your thinking. If you keep your eyes open you’ll discover a new world that’s worth exploring further. Asking new questions will lead to a new money opportunity. Love is waiting at the bank.

Dear Leo

Decisions with home and family continue to restrict the fun.  It’s not like there’s a fight brewing but daily obligations are taking a toll. On the plus side money and the toys they buy are on a major upswing. No it won’t buy the happiness you crave but sharing is a step in the right direction.

Dear Virgo

The recent combination of both good and bad cycles from the past have you wondering if you’re ever going to be free from your karmic responsibilities.  As always, it’s your reactions in the moment that will lead you to the brighter day you’ve been looking for. Take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of introspective alone time, envision new questions to ask the universe, and prepare for more. Big rewards are waiting to direct your path. Choose wisely.

Dear Libra

With all of your social networking these days for both business and pleasure, you’d think money would be the least of your concerns. Recently, you faced a crisis of faith where you felt deserted and hopeless. You’re not entirely out of the woods yet but time is marching along. If you walked your path with honest intentions then your way will be clear and your rewards will follow. The answers are  not going to be easy but your decisions in the next two weeks will light a flare your destiny will see.

Dear Scorpio

Burning the candle at both ends usually results in a early evening and a quick exit from the stage if a lack of elbow grease wastes the light. If on the other hand, pencil was put to paper and your time in the spotlight was used effectively, then rewards for a job well done will follow your hard work. The social bug is about to call. Keep your eyes open for a game changer.

Dear Sagittarius

Naturally optimistic, jovial, and a lot smarter than you’re given credit for, at heart you’d just like everyone to get along. These are warm sentiments as you continue to expand your working world with new products and a bigger piece of the corporate pie. On the downside, your finances and creature comforts continue their journey through a painful transformation. You’re just beginning a new cycle at work where your every move is being watched by the boss. Do something to make them smile.

Dear Capricorn

You may have recently discovered something about your closest partner that has left you scratching your head.  Things seemed good and the money was coming in but deep down you knew action might be necessary. Your view of the world is about to change with a conversation with someone exceptionally different. Accept the challenge as the travel bug bites with a spiritual journey. Love is discovered in the back rooms.

Dear Aquarius

As much as you’d like to escape into the future, strong elements from your past color your current journey with caution. Closest relationships continue with a chaotic energy pulling you from the path that’s growing in clarity each day. Have faith and some logical optimism. Expansion visits joint finances just in time to save a long forgotten dream.

Dearest Pisces

As much as you’d like to get out and explore the world, the bigger and broader experience has had to wait. Yes, some Pisces have answered a call and are now halfway through a journey but it’s been a bigger struggle than anticipated and it has left you questioning if all of the fuss is worth the extra effort. Take a deep breath and continue to look deeply within. Then take a detailed account of your surroundings. This week you’ll see that love is always worth the extra effort.

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