Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 21, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes – September 21 – 27, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

by Sonny !

Dear Aries

At first glance it appears as if fortunes have provided you mixed blessings recently, especially in the areas of children, creativity,  and personal relationships. Upon closer inspection you may be surprised to find yourself receiving close to what you’ve been asking for and both the struggles and the fights are emanating from within. Projecting into this week, a question pops up asking , why are you fighting your destiny instead of seizing the opportunities and running with them? By the end of the week you settle into a new plan.

Dear Taurus

Whatever struggles have been mounting at home will pass this week. Your heart will be on new business, your career, and public image. As such, you already know that home distractions were only holding you back from work related responsibilities. Towards the end of the week energy will shift giving you a new playful, childlike, and romantic outlook. By Friday you’ll once again be ready to receive the homes blessings without obstruction or drama.

Dear Gemini

Words are your specialty but sometimes they get you into trouble. It’s not even a case of speaking from your heart or even saying what you mean. Your message has been getting lost among the emotions of others. Yes, your language has been harsh and unforgiving lately but it’s only a reflection of what you’re feeling on the inside. By the end of the week you’ll realize what needs to be said for both sides to get what they want.

Dear Cancer

You’ve been putting a lot of your active energy into making money lately and for some crabs, things are starting to get expensive. At some point along your journey,  you fell in love with an idea and decided to go for it. By the end of the week all financial parts will be in place and it will be time to sell your plan to the world. Have faith in your ability to find the right words when the moment asks for your attention.

Dear Leo

You’re going to hear the same refrain many times this next year urging you to make the most of a major streak of luck energy visiting your astro-sector of personal finances. This doesn’t mean you can blindly test your odds at the casino nor can you spend yourself silly hoping there won’t be any consequences but a little hard work and a well timed investment can potentially yield greater results than normally expected. This energy is also harmoniously aligning with a more sober view of creativity and having fun. Combine the energies and you’ll have more than enough discipline to reach beyond your financial goals.

Dear Virgo

Your behind the scenes struggle has left you more damaged than you care to admit but within a week it’ll be over and you’ll be onto your next challenge. Spend a couple of days reflecting upon the lesson and don’t be afraid to ask yourself some hard questions. Are you really better off now than before the drama? Your past is still calling with a few more lessons but attention now shifts to your finances.

Dear Libra

Just as Virgos exit the behind the scenes dramas and power struggles, you’re about to walk right into them. Be careful as hidden enemies make themselves known. Money struggles finally clear for good leaving you with a solid path and enough lessons to last a lifetime. You’ve been thinking about your appearance in the world  lately but you’re unsure if you need a new haircut, a new challenge,  or a new city to conquer. Let the laughter of children guide your next decision.

Dear Scorpio

The power struggle at work is about to end but in true Scorpio fashion your warring energy is about to disrupt larger groups, organizations,  and the very people who are here to reward you for work you’ve already completed. If push comes shove, stick up for yourself but don’t let your imagination ruin everything you’ve been working so hard to create. You have a lot of social energy and social luck right now. Add a double dose of patience and you’ll achieve your desired outcome.

Dear Sagittarius

Even though it’s been a good year for foreign adventures and philosophical expansion, recent dramas have left you feeling like you’ve had to battle for both your personal freedoms and emotional expressions. For some Archers, a happy smile has been hiding a feeling of being controlled by a hidden or psychological force. You’re not going to completely break free just yet but the mood is beginning to shake loose and your outward energy is going to let the struggle lay silent for a while. This week concentrate on your public and professional identity. Pushing hard at work will restore both your pocketbook and your optimistic liberties.

Dear Capricorn

After a couple of tumultuous weeks it’s back to the money game with your partner. It’s not going to happen all at once but you can see the signs of a well laid plan working out to the benefit of your team. Emotions will lead you towards filling your own pockets but success right now is arriving through a group effort. Playing detective in a new story uncovers a  dormant skill you’ll need for the next leg of your journey. A conversation with someone older changes your mind and by the weekend you’ll be thinking of distant shores.

Dear Aquarius

Love and money have combined themselves into such a volatile mixture recently that both your work and home lives have felt the repercussions. This week the energies shift and you’ll finally be free to aggressively pursue your just rewards in a joint financial partnership that’s blessed with both luck and expansion. Old friends and internal stumbling blocks will step aside leaving you with a new degree of social discipline to reach your financial goals. Love is stronger than you realize.

Dearest Pisces

You’ve been diligently working your plan lately to the point of restricting you own personal freedoms and expressions. Some might say it’s just a phase of growing up and moving on but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun along the way. Recent lessons are providing you the emotional support needed to get serious about your public career. Changes made at work have the power to last. You’re currently super lucky in love so smile big and embrace the world as it smiles back.

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