YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

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YouTube’s best Weekly Horoscopes! April 25 – 29, 2022 | All Zodiac Signs

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Sunnyside. These are the weekly horoscopes for the week of April 25 to April 29, 2022 for all zodiac signs. Before we begin, this horoscope video will focus on preparing for the New Black Moon Eclipse in Taurus at the end of the week on April 30, 2022. It will be an intense weekend of breakthroughs and change but that will be in the next video. This week is all about the lead-up and preparation for the Black Moon Eclipse on the weekend. As always, there are timestamps in the description box, this video is best viewed with the subtitles turned on, there is a written transcript on Sonny’s website the Sunnyside dot net where you can also get a free natal report online or message Sonny for a private reading and finally, please donate to the channel.   

Everyone cool. Ok let’s begin.  

Weekly Astrological Transit Overview: With the Moon approaching a conjunction with the Sun late in the week you’ll be spending most of your time finishing up the old and getting ready to move onto the new. As we’re all approaching this new Moon in safe and steady Taurus, we’ll be cleaning up the past and laying the groundwork for the next chapters in life. Leading into the Taurus new Moon you should be aiming to accept universal blessings that pertain to your physical wellbeing, financial security, and personal comforts. Before everyone goes nuts-o-bananas it depends where the new Moon falls in your personal astrology chart and how the preparation for the new Moon energy will personally affect you. If you don’t know where the planets are in your Natal Chart, once again simply visit Sonny’s webpage the Sunnyside dot net and you’ll see a couple of places to get a free Natal Birth Chart Report. Sonny says to have fun and remember to share the videos.   

Ok, back to the overview.      

This week’s horoscopes have the Moon in a reclusive and preparatory angle to the Sun. Even though the Moon will be transiting through dreamy Pisces and then playful Aries, the Moon’s placement to the Sun will pull our emotions inwards, we’ll want to sleep-walk through the days but we’ll also want to take care of business. Sonny recommends that you simply put one foot in front of the other and keep going. The latter half of the week onto next weekend will offer positive surprises and breakthroughs so don’t be discouraged if you feel that you are just knocking your head against a wall. Some people will cocoon at home and totally mess up the energy of the week and others will push too aggressively hard and push where others want to chill. It’s not necessarily a week where emotions are going to be at odds with energy per-say but there is a little more happening than a New Moon in Taurus later in the week.   

As the Moon transits through Pisces and then Aries, it will bump through a bunch of different energies and this will make everyone extra emotional, and add a bit of deadline energy to whatever you are doing. As with all deadline energy, some people are cool with it and some simply are not. Regardless of your personal success template there will be moments this week where waiting around will have you questioning whether anything is even happening. Sonny says to keep going and knocking on the doors, one of them will open by Friday and it will be the right one for you. Sonny also recommends that when the Moon passes Mars in Pisces, you do your best when dealing with drag-ass Mo-fo’s.   

You are going to be filled with rage at any signs of someone taking advantage of another, or people cutting in line at the pity party. You will be extra Pisces school of hungry piranha feeding frenzy if buddy slow-foot drops paperwork or decides to take his P O S I wish I stayed in school life out on you and your busy day. It’s supposed to be a chill and get work done week but there is still a possibility for excitement, passion and drama as you work toward the new Moon. On a side note, Sonny says to be cool, there’s breathable underwear now so if you have lungs between your legs or if you breathe through your crotch then you should be good. For those who have a second brain down in the land of Scorpio, you are still S O L.   

The final scouting report on Mars in Pisces indicates irrationally blowing things out of proportion and sticking up for the underdog. It also brings out the pity party, drug abuse and laziness. But it can also be super romantic, a lot of fun and totally artsy fartsy. And double finally Sonny wants to remind everyone that glitter is not a color but he still likes it.  Good luck everyone. Next.  

Dear Aries. It looks like a hater has entered your orbit and they want to bust your game in the pooper. Events may be unrelated but they will apparently come from nowhere and yet feel as if they’ve been planned against you for a while. Before you hit the rage button remember the Venus is also back there in Pisces and she is trying to protect you. Even though it’s a low energy week for Aries, you can really accomplish a lot if you take matters into your own hands, disappear for a couple of days and get things done. When you pop up again at the New Moon, everyone will see a recharged Aries on a new mission to fatten their tree of Quan. Speaking of your comforts security and money action it’s important to take note that Mercury is going to turn retrograde shortly so just when you think things are getting good and you’re about to make a major splurge, past bills will arrive in the mail or their will be a mistake on your paycheck. Sonny recommends that you hold off an any major expenses because a bigger expense is on the way. Late in the week, the eclipse energy will cause you to change your mind about something that used to give you a lot of comfort.  

Dear Taurus. This is a big week for Bulls on the go. The Moon transiting through Pisces and then Aries will give Karmic Bulls a sense of closure. You’ll feel somewhat social and then reclusive but in reality, it looks like you’re preparing to say goodbye. The black Moon eclipse coming this weekend is going to usher in an entirely new you so this is the week to get ready for it. You might plan for that new tattoo, make an appointment at the spa for a paint job, and you might even change your name. It is a lot for anyone to go through let alone a Taurus who doesn’t like change to begin with. On the plus size Taurus, it’s not like you’re a hoarder or anything and fresh new day free from yesterday’s dramas will be good for you. For Bulls looking to make a splash on Instagram, this is a great week to take a couple of selfies and show-off. Your online audience is definitely captivated with you so turn on that ring-light and let’s see it shake. Woot Woot. No Taurus, you should always sell it baby, never give it away. You are a social dynamo this week so rally the troops for some fun. For single Bulls on the prowl love is waiting socially so getting together with the peeps should bring some much-needed frolic as well. Sonny says you should finally let that hottie out of the friend-zone, if only to test his benefit action.  

Dear Gemini. You have to get prepared for some major change happening behind the scenes and beyond your control. In fact, as things stand, the changes are happening right now and you probably don’t even realize it. Yes Gemini, there is a chance that you are quietly plotting to hoof someone up the wazoo but Sonny thinks that more than likely your support system or someone that you have a very strong karmic connection with, will face some kind of testing point. Either way, this part of your life will not be the same this time next week. Love continues to be public and you’re still looking good and attracting everywhere you go. People should be recognizing you everywhere you go and in a weird shake of the action even strangers will be walking up to you, asking you questions and giving you things. If this happens, please let Sonny know in the comments section.  After an initial bump, things should smooth out nicely this week. Your career gets a strong boost of energy to accomplish tasks and just finish what has to be done. There is a strong indication of an office romance right now as well as the chance of getting caught in the photocopy room. Like seriously Gemini, both. And, those kinds of selfies will give you a lot of options. Wink wink.  

Dear Cancer. Events at a distance will have your full attention this week. In addition to Mars entering Pisces to mix things up and add confusion to the bigger picture, it is also pushing you to get away for a while. If you can’t physically get away then do your best to get out and expand your mind. A bigger picture view is encouraged this week astrologically. In addition to Mars mixing up the good times vibe in Pisces, the Moon is going to drop in and add some passion to the project. You might not make the right decisions but they will be the right decisions for you. And remember Cancer, nothing in the entire zodiac is sexier than some nice buttery crab legs, not Libra’s ability to find discounts, not Leo’s luscious hair, not Pisces’ ability to hold their alcohol, and definitely not Scorpio’s salty balls. No Cancer, it’s your sexy crab legs so if you don’t like the cards dealt then you don’t have to sit through the hand. Sonny gives you total permission to stand up from the table, hike up your skirt and go find another game. In other astrology worlds you’ll find yourself deep in study mode. You’re probably researching a new topic but a deadline is approaching. Decisions have to be made before the Black Moon Eclipse or they will be made for you.  

Dear Leo. There are two separate things to watch out for as you prepare for the Black Moon Eclipse. With Mars formally entering Pisces you’ll be forking out the Quan for hands in need. What can you do? Peeps have come to rely on your generosity lately but at the same time Leo sometimes it’s good to give back to the kingdom. You sex life is also going to enter the land of electric assisted motors so, if you feel your Kundalini rising to the point where you have to make the beast with the two backs, then go ahead and make Aslan proud. Just remember, you don’t have to wake half of Narnia when you do it. On the serious side of the transit, you have to watch your health and the health of those around you. There is a lot of energy in your 8th house of death and although most of it is good, Mars and the Moon are going to cause problems, especially with water and maybe fire so be extra careful. The big change coming at the end of the week will be in your career and public image. If you ever wanted a dream job or to be famous then this is the week to prepare for it. Obviously fame and career success don’t just fall out of the sky unless a toilet seat or meteor hits you and you end up in the news so you’re going to have to put in some work. This should be easy for naturally successful Leos who already know what they want so be cool as always, and go get it. Roar.  

Dear Virog. With the Moon shining on your full-time love game personal relationships will take centre stage. If you’re single and looking then now’s the time to sign on the dotted line. The weekend will ring in a big change in something at a distance so you’ll want all of your paperwork finished and filed before the weekend.  Be careful when dealing with others at the beginning of the week. You are overly empathetic and open to being taken for a funky ride with the window rolled up. Not cool for neat freak Virogs who favor the cool ocean air. When placing orders, remember to put Sonny down for something black with a moon roof. This eclipse this weekend is happening in your 9th house indicating a change in philosophy or spiritual outlook in the world. You’ll possibly return to school to complete a professional requirement. On the other hand you just might up and decide to hit the boogie. Sonny says when you’re ready for a private reading to hit the PayPal link in the description box. And finally Virog, the news is good so accept the change with a big smile and get ready to spend from the freshly full bank account. Sonny really says you should save right now because when all of this energy enters into Aries, things will get expensive and you’ll want to have some money left over for just a little later after that when you will be finally ready for some serious travel adventures.  

Dear Libra. The work cycle continues with a busy week preparing for that big dream you’re getting ready to launch. In your heart you know it’s full steam ahead so you’ll have to bury your fears and take the plunge. On the plus side, there continues be a strong possibility of a romance blooming with someone you already see every day so maybe greet that smile with a wink and see where it goes. Obviously watch your health right now, and Sonny says that someone might give you a pet. Ok shift time Libra. The Black Moon eclipse is happening in your 8th house of death and shared resources. If you are waiting for the outcome of a legal situation then you’ll be hearing the results shortly. If you are waiting for some legal money then there might be a mix-up and a delay. Either way, a change is coming in your shared resources. It could be something as simple as getting a new credit card or bank loan, to something more complicated like a divorce settlement. Whatever you have coming on the near horizon, use this week to wrap up loose ends and get ready. Finally Libra, Mercury is going to go retrograde shortly in your 9th house of things at a distance and then return to your 8th house of shared resources. This means that you should be keeping track of all of your spending, taking financial and legal notes and definitely keeping all of the bills.   

Dear Scorpio. Your most intense love transit since 1856 continues to heat up with the arrival of the Moon casting its subconscious gaze on all things creative and playful and definitely sexy fun time for Scorpio.  You should be super creative right now so keep pumping out the projects and worry about the results or fine tuning everything down the road. This week favours quantity over quality. There will be plenty of time to edit and refine when the energy is in Virog. As for now dear Scorpio, Sonny says you should get out and multiply. Now for the interesting part of the horoscope for Scorpio. The Black Moon Eclipse will cast a major shadow on a legal or romantic situation. Expect knots to become untied and papers to be lost. On the other hand, the Nodes do offer opportunity to those willing to put in the work. This means dear Scorpio, if you put in the effort then the answer should be a resounding yes. If you took things for granted then the North Node won’t be grounded and what you thought was a dream coming true suddenly morphs into a distant fantasy that got away. That’s so sad Scorpio. Let’s hope karma ends up smiling on us and we have a surprise blessing in the 7th house of love and commitment.    

Dear Sagittarius. Right of the bat the Black Moon Eclipse will happen in your 6th house of health, pets and daily habits. This means you’re going to have to watch for a SNAFU bumping your health game a little sideways. On the plus side it could mean a new job or a change in your daily routine which will be a welcome blessing. On the downside Sonny says you have to watch for sudden bumps. Now the good stuff! Love is waiting at home. You should be getting ready for a move or you should be starting a home-based business. Either way Sagittarius both love and money are coming from the home. With both Mars and the Moon now in your 4th house you should watch for problems with your mother. Keep an eye in the mail because Sonny says the new cell phone will finally arrive. Finally, there’s activity happening behind the scenes and in private for Sagittarius but it has the chance to go sideways or burn out quickly. Extra effort will be required to hold on but destiny says it might be worth it.  

Dear Capricorn. The Moon in Pisces adds a little extra push to a project that’s already getting a lot of your attention. Whether you’re driving everyone around or calling the peeps up and spreading the word, you are definitely a voice to be heard this week. Although you may be standing on your soap box and the world is listening, the question is, what are you trying to say. The big change happening with the Black Moon Eclipse will occur in your creative and romantic life. You may pick up a new romantic interest or simply add a new spark to an existing relationship. Something might happen to the kids so be on guard. It’s probably something simple like they forgot their cell phone and they can’t check in for a couple of hours. In spite all of the doom and gloom surrounding the astrology these days Sonny wants to remind everyone that the eclipse usually brings a little darkness or shadow to wherever it occurs in your chart and for Capricorn that is romance and the children. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad but they will disappear for a couple of mins. Or you might simply forget your password to the new dating site. No big deal. Just don’t find yourself forgetting the names of those sexy smiles you just met or misplace your little black book.   

Dear Aquarius. For those who ever wished their astrology 2nd house of comfort and personal money was stacked then here you go. The beginning of this week has the Moon transiting Pisces which is already full with Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and probably a couple of guys from the space station floating around up there. This means money will be front and centre. Before we can throw a collective high five it’s important to note that all of this energy will create a money in and a money out situation. It’s going to very easy to convince yourself that you need the latest tech craze especially with the big change coming at home but maybe be cool on the spending if you can. Like seriously, does Sonny ever say to spend big? Ok Aquarius, if Mars wasn’t in the game then you’d be peacefully collecting checks and splurging on ice-cream. With Mars pushing everyone around and adding impulsiveness to both the money you are collecting and your personal expenses then it’s easy to see why Sonny is recommend that you only spend of essentials, and maybe things that really don’t ever go on sale or that really cute summer outfit that just came out. No seriously Aquarius, listen to the astrology keywords again for Mars in your 2nd house, it will add heat to your personal finances. That really can go both ways. On the plus side it isn’t really a spend money to make money kind of thing so spending will be on comforts. If that’s the case then you might as well do something nice for yourself and use the coupons before they expire. The new moon will bring a change at home.  

Dearest Pisces. This week more than ever, it’s time to do you. Whether you need a total makeover, a facial, or something a little more seriously cosmetic then go ahead and make the change. Be careful however as Mars in your first house will make you extra pushy and accident prone in addition to overloading your head with extra psychic energy that will cause headaches and waking premonitions. Your subconscious will be seeping into your waking life so watch for synchronicities and let us know in the comments if your premonitions come true this week. It will not only be dreams but actual waking deja-vu type premonitions. Sonny says very cool, go Nemo but be careful. Psychic intuition isn’t a good defense when the cops pull you over for running that red. Even if in your heart of hearts you knew it was going to eventually turn green. Being psychic isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. Ok Pisces, you are hot stuff these days and you know it. Make sure you continue to dress to impress and show your smile everywhere you go. Your money is depending on it. With all of the talk about Nodes and Eclipses and Mars these days, it’s easy to forget that Venus continues to transit your Sun. This is continuing your personal cycle of love, attraction and good fortune, so don’t waste it. Finally Pisces, Sonny says a big change is coming in your 3rd house so unless you are expecting a new brother or sister then you should watch your driving and try not to drop your cell phone in the toilet. And dearest Pisces, love is following you everywhere you go so the destination of this particular journey is really up to you. 

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