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Love Horoscopes – October 15, 2012

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Aries: Isolation is no longer in the cards today as you get out and enjoy yourself. Celebrations and outing with buddies are on the agenda. This is a perfect time to socialize if you are unattached and looking. As you mingle you will find that people are rather friendly and willing to communicate. It may be here that you meet someone who will likely be in your life for some time to come. Though you are very attractive this person will be more impressed by your intellect and the quality of the conversation you two have. If you are attached there is a little bit of excitement in your relationship that enhances the love you two have for each other. You may also want to pay heed to any wise people you encounter and gain wisdom for your betterment.

Taurus: Thanks to the planetary alignment, your relationships, including those that are intimate, will be much more harmonious than they have been recently. Enhanced communication is the key that helped make this happen. Any friction in the past you are both ready to calmly discuss and get past. Though love will feel like a roller coaster right now, your emotional needs and those of your loved one will be met if not exceeded. So if things look like they may get out of hand, calm down and meet at the center. You two can find the right balance and with that neither partner will feel slighted or smothered. If you are unattached, now is the time to meet new people. Make sure to avoid insignificant affairs and pay attention to ones really important.

Gemini: Romance and commitment are in the cards for you today. You will experience a sense of personal harmony and rejuvenated passion that will really amaze those closest to you. People may forget what you have said but they never forget how you made them feel and today you will make others feel special, as if they are the only thing that matters. There will be one person in particular that your actions have a profound impact on. If you are attached, you may be at that point where it is time to make more of a commitment to your loved one. If this means engagement then there are many who want to celebrate with you. Plan a party and share your love with everyone who matters.

Cancer: Many of you may have recently experienced a tug of war between your professional and domestic life with your attention demanded at both fronts. It hasn’t been easy but in the end your sweetheart understands you well and is now supportive. Since things are still relatively calm, you might want to take advantage of this time and make up to them your lack of attention. If you are unattached and have been looking for romance, you may have recently met someone who seems to fit your long list of requirements. This would be a great day to go out somewhere together and talk about all the things that matter to you both. By the end of the evening you will be appreciating more than just how much you two have in common.

Leo: If you are unattached, this is a perfect day to reel in a new lover. You are even more attractive than usual; you have an enhanced confidence and are at ease with speaking to others. People will look at you twice when you cross the room. You just may attract the romance of the century with the energy surrounding you today. If you are attached, you really need to hold your tongue and think twice before speaking. Some of you have one foot out the door in your relationship but a discussion on some very important issues pops up. Though this is an inopportune time, it is a conversation that must be had. Be honest but respectful, at this point there is no need for rudeness or ignorance.

Virgo: many of you may have recently come out of a relationship that was draining in more ways than one. You knew your money was gone but now the emotional aspect has caught up with you. Until you get your money back where you want it, you might want to cut down your unnecessary expenses to build back up your resources. As for your emotions, things will not so easy as you have been deeply involved for quite some time now. Take your time but do not let any of your emotional insecurity spoil your overall romantic outlook. Because you are in no position for a steady relationship with anyone that doesn’t mean that you can’t build back your trust by being friendly and flirting with those you find attractive. There is no harm in a few words.

Libra: There may have been quite a bit of tension surrounding you and loved one recently. Your mood was swinging faster than a pendulum and at any given moment a bomb may have gone off. Though there is a lot you two need to discuss, but keep things light right now with a little bit of humor until you get your thoughts straight. Once you to, deal with these problems immediately don’t let these issues get bottled up. By having an optimistic approach to these adversities you two can find away to come back together. Afterward, you two need a nice night out together and maybe a few close friends. Do something fun and lively. If you are unattached things may not be as passionate as you want them to be but you will certainly make many new friends.

Scorpio: You emotions may rule you today but you will have to find a way to stay in control. If you are attached, things may be going well but not quite as passionate as you would like them to be. You would like to do something to change that but not entirely sure what. Try and keep your calm, do not let yourself get worked up over this and listen to your heart. If you are unattached, romance is entirely possible today. You may meet someone special who says and does the most enchanting things that make you feel so adored and appreciated. You are completely smitten and rightfully so. But you may have to wait until the relationship deepens before anything more exciting occurs. You can do it.

Sagittarius: If you are unattached, you should make up for some lost time. Things may have been busy for you recently and have lost touch with friends and family. Now is the time to get some fresh air and socialize with those you have missed recently. You are likely to meet someone who appeals to your naughty side. Once you show this person your innocent and pure side, things will get moving towards your intended direction. If you are attached you may find yourself frustrated with a lover and their topics of conversation. You know things were brought up for a particular reason but you would like get to the heart of the matter rather than engaging in of small talk. Be patient! You like to jump right in whereas others need to warm up to it.

Capricorn: Many of you attached have been wrapped up in a bit of reflection. As you have been thinking, you developed the ability to see things from a more detached perspective. Because of this it would be an advantage to talk about all of these feelings today. The energy of the day helps you openly discuss with your partner exactly what has been on your mind during this time. As the conversation wears on you will find that the love you both feel for each other will manifest into a willingness to compromise and make sacrifices in order to make each other happy. By the end of the evening there will be peace at your romantic front and maybe you both will be in the mood to celebrate this reunion of sorts.

Aquarius: Thanks to the energy of the day, the atmosphere surrounding you is light and easy. Which is welcomed changed because many of you have a partner who has been demanding and irritable because of the responsibilities you have had to deal with lately. Take advantage of the positive atmosphere to go out somewhere nice but different and open up a firm yet calm discussion about the recent events. What he or she needs to understand is that you’re not always going to have time for each other. Make the promise that you will try and pay a little more attention to the needs of the relationship if this should happen again. But reassure your loved one that should this happen again, you make will make whatever time together special!

Pisces: If you are attached there will be a few thrills and a lot of affection in your relationships. This will get you thinking about the future of things and prompt a conversation. Because of the warmth and harmony of the energy between you two right now, you both will likely be happy to begin to take things one step further. Take today and hammer out the details. There are plenty to go through, more than you thought there would be but it is good to this now. If you are unattached you suddenly have this deep desire to find someone you can fall in love with. Today will be a great start but the fast and furious passion may not come for quite some time. The people you attract are in no hurry to delve right into a new relationship. You will get through this.

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